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A few nice how to cook images I found:

How Long Can This Go On?
how to cook
Image by Thomas Hawk

A View Across Cook’s Meadow to Yosemite Falls and Peaks of the Sierra Nevada (Yosemite National Park)
how to cook
Image by thor_mark 
One of the things that I loved walking around Yosemite Valley was how one could look one direction and see something beautiful. One could then pick another direction and find something just as amazing and captivating to the eyes. Sounds would follow with the roar of a waterfall or the birds singing here and there. Maybe a croak of a raven soaring above. Then one might notice the smells all around of nature brought by that stirring of the wind across the meadow. In all in all delight to the senses and an wondrous view to take in 🙂

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