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Sur La Table…
how to cook
Image by Nicholas Eckhart
Seems like a busy little store. There were a bunch of people in a cooking class too.

Somerset Collection is a massive luxury mall in Troy, Michigan. The mall is a sprawling 1,443,000 square feet and has two sections (north and south). About 90 percent of the tenants in the mall appear to be higher-end, but there are some middle-end stores like just about every other mall has. The mall is currently anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

The one anchor store that seems odd here is Macy’s. It seems a little low-end for this mall; I wonder why they didn’t put a Bloomingdale’s here instead. I laughed when someone with a lot of money told me they though of Macy’s as a discount store. I can see how Macy’s would be considered "discount" after walking around this mall….

In 1967, Saks built a Saks Fifth Avenue store on the property. A single story enclosed luxury mall (Somerset Mall) was built attached to the store in 1969. Bonwit Teller was added as an anchor then. Both Bonwit Teller and Saks Fifth Avenue remodeled plus expanded over the years. In 1990, Bonwit Teller went bankrupt and shuttered all of their stores.

In 1992, the mall was reconstructed as a two-story mall and added Neiman Marcus as an anchor store. Neiman Marcus demolished and rebuilt on the site of Bonwit Teller. The new mall was called Somerset Collection. In 1996, a north side to the mall was built on the other side of Big Beaver Road. This other side of the mall is connected to the south side with a moving sidewalk over the road (skywalk). The three story north expansion brought Nordstom and Hudson’s (later Marshall Field’s, now Macy’s) as anchor stores.

The south side of the mall has 524,700 square feet of space and the north side has 918,300 square feet of space. The mall appeared to have around a 100% occupency rate on my visit. The only stores I noticed not open were under construction to be turned into other stores. A couple retailers have more than one location in the mall, Aveda and Starbucks (full Starbucks locations, not kiosks) both have two locations inside the mall. Also, I noticed brands like Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton had full stores in the mall as well as salespaces in other anchor stores (such as Saks Fifth Avenue).

Forbes Company owns this mall. Forbes also bought the former Kmart Headquarters building across the street to block another developer that wanted to build a new shopping center and swipe some stores from Somerset Collection. Nothing appears to be happing with the old Kmart Headquarters building…

Somerset Collection – Big Beaver Road and Coolidge Highway – Troy, Michigan

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